For the past week that restless feeling has returned, the one that comes upon me about this time each year. It’s a yearning to be a part of the great awakening. Although snow remains around the base of hardwoods, the signs are there if you look hard enough—bluebirds flitting about last season’s nesting box, the splashes of wood ducks returning to the pond, the first robin stutter-stepping across the damp earth, and on the stream, little black stoneflies fluttering among a tangle of leafless branches. 

Before the first crocus has bloomed, a few white snowdrops brighten the soil under the leafless branches of a dogwood tree. In another garden, a yellow blanket of winter aconites provides a bit of unexpected color among the clutter winter detritus. In the lower field behind our house, among the brambles, rugosas, and barberry bushes, a woodchuck, silvery fur along its back, blind in one eye, wobbles out of the hole dug behind a slab of shale. Standing on his hind quarters, the old groaner appears to dream of bushes lush with leaves and soft blades of plantain. Soon the doe, matriarch of the little herd that frequents our woodlot, will drop a fawn, perhaps two, adding another generation to carry on her legacy. 

Looking out our window this morning, I heard a white-throated sparrow call for Mr. Peabody while watching a chipmunk, with its head raised from between the rock wall across from our front door, spread paws over its face as if to wipe the sleep from its eyes.  

It won’t be long before the phoebes return to the nest under the eaves of Trish’s potting shed. Tiny wrens will soon claim back their territory, filling the air with shrill song as they build their nest of twigs. Forsythia, and then lilac will bloom. Young rabbits will frolic among the daffodils and tulips and I will once again wade through gentle riffles to cast my flies to rising trout.

6 Responses to “ANTICIPATION”

  1. Rich Staneski Says:

    A lovely time of year, a reawakening, well described in your words. Nice photos too. Did Trish take them? Looks like a good week for some fishing.

  2. forgottentrout Says:

    Yes, Ron, Trish takes most, if not all, of the photos. I’ll be out later today chasing the little black stoneflies. I tied a new dry fly to imitate them. Will have to see if it works. Still working on that august date will get back to you on that.

  3. Jeff Smith Says:

    Boy Bob, you really know how to get someone ready for the new season. I myself am going to Try my hand at more wild trout streams this year. Bosebuck is coming soon, thank god I got my shot so I can go with Dave. I look forward to your next writing. Jeff

    • forgottentrout Says:

      Hey, Jeff. Glad you enjoy. I spent the afternoon on a little stream, really no more than a brook. i managed a single brookie no lomger than my finger! Missed a few more. The black stoneflies are just beginning down here. In another week they’ll be skating over the surface, driving the trout to distraction. When are you guys booked at Besebuck?

  4. rivertoprambles Says:

    Wow, that snowdrop photo is poetic! Fine insights into this new season & beyond. A modest stonefly hatch this afternoon got a few trout moving in the river.

  5. forgottentrout Says:

    You can thank my wife. Trish is the photographer. I’m only the scrivener. Yes, a few stones on the water here, but the fish remain sluggish. Soon….

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