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Wearing sunglasses to block the intense glare, I watch our two Labs porpoise through sixteen inches of fresh snow that has blanketed our property courtesy of a mid-March nor’easter. Overhead, songbirds chatter in anticipation of spring. As the dogs draw close to an oak tree, a crow calls out an alarm. Another replies from farther away. Upon hearing the nasal twang of a redwing blackbird, I turn toward a slough alongside the drive. Beyond the slough, I stare out over the stillness of a woodlot. The dogs have found a huge shagbark hickory that split from its trunk during the storm — next season’s stove wood. As I step forward, snow rises above my boot.

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2 Responses to “WOODLOT HAIKU”

  1. Diana Lohse Says:

    Continue please…….
    Did your feet get cold and wet?

    I am in Maine now and was in a bookstore.
    They said your book “Shadows in The Stream”
    Out of print??

    • forgottentrout Says:

      Diana. NO!!!! Who told you that? It’s time for them to restock their shelves. In fact, the tenth anniversary edition of Shadows was released this spring. You can purchase an autographed copy by emailing me your mailing address to me at: magalloway@mac.com Also, check out my website: forgottentrout.com for reviews and other info on all my books.

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