While putting the finishing touches on a magazine article, I stare out the window at two blue jays perched in the branches of a nearby cedar tree. One accepts a corn kernel from the  beak of the other.

The flock of crows is back. Three or four of them congregate on the limbs of a maple, while two of their family waddle toward the feeders hanging from a metal pole in the middle of the snow-covered lawn. They’ll soon bully their way through the mourning doves and white-throated sparrows that remain under the feeders, scavenging seeds dropped by gold finches. It hardly seems worth the effort, but the occasional chickadee or titmouse flies over to grab a single seed before returning to the tree line. Juncos, some folks call them snow birds because they appear as winter approaches, peck at the seeds I’ve dropped for them on a mountain of next year’s stove wood.


Although squirrels remain snug in their nests, the birds appear frantic. The temperatures have dropped into single digits. A skim of ice has returned to the pond, the wind picking up, precursors to the rapidly approaching March blizzard that is due to deposit eighteen inches of snow across the Appalachian Ridge before passing on to New England.

2 Responses to “BLIZZARD’S EVE”

  1. stanley kanakaris Says:

    Hope to hear from you again.I am 78 years old and still walk in the
    woods on a good day.Keep the stories coming.Stanley

    • forgottentrout Says:

      Stan, I’m a bit younger, but try to the same, although more often it’s along a stream bank. Thanks so much for the support. Will do my best. You may also enjoy my Facebook page: Robert J. Romano, Jr. For further reading you may wish to go to my website: which contains information about my books. Thanks again.

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